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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 17, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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happening right now on "good day philadelphia", facebook killer, the hunt is now on in several states for a murderer. breaking overnight a murder just two hours ago what we are learning, happened to that victim. the tax man is cometh deadline to file taxes is tomorrow, important tips so you do not make those mistakes it is a boy, april had a little calf and nobody more prouder then our own sue serio she got the app and alerts. now big question is what should we name him. >> not a little boy but a big boy. great to have you with us on this monday, hopefully you had a wonderful weekend. >> that calf was up walking around within a few hours, can you imagine if our kid were up , a few hours after birth. >> did they pick a name just
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yet. >> in. >> like proud mom. >> audit because it was born tax day april 15th, audit. >> really cute. >> that ace gi one. >> submit your vote. we will talk about it later. >> audit is 5-foot nine already. >> big boy. >> big boy. >> this weekend, sue, my gosh. >> how about it, right. >> yes, so warm yesterday, so we had a great easter. what will happen today? no, it is not that bad. we have a few showers around. your number is a eight. your temperature in philadelphia, wow, 66 degrees to start your day, relative humidity at 73 percent. most of our temperatures are in the 60's this morning. we have 60 in allentown. sixty-six in trenton. 58 degrees in hazel town. down at the shore 66 in ocean city, folks had a great time at the shore and long neck, delaware 70 at 4:00 in the morning. through can see some showers heading our way from the west, that is cold front we were
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telling but that would come through late, easter night, well now it is extending into early easter monday morning so we will have a few showers, not, too dramatic but a shower could be around this afternoon as well, and 75 degrees for our a high tell your sure isn't bad but not quite as perfect as it was yesterday, still we will have the rest of the seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly, hopefully you had a good holiday. >> big question is what will sue serio watch in the morning now, now that the giraffe has been born. >> the baby. >> yes. we have something new on the tv in there. good morning, 4:02. a live lot at speedometer read ago cross the board, no problems at all, kind of quiet on this easter monday. we will zoom into police activity along wood land avenue between 61st and 63rd, steve's standing by with more details on that but it will impact septa's route 11. we have word that the route 11 trolley services suspended right out of the gate here this morning.
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only good news is that if you typically use route 11 which runs along wood land you can use route 13 trolley and we will try to get an update as to how long that suspension is going to last. thirty minute delays out of the gaeton septa's regional rail line on airport line just impacting the airport line right now because it is signal issues. outside we will go to the schuylkill expressway come on down, in problems at all, opened from end to end the drives are opened backup again , martin luther king, kelly drive, closed over weekend with recreational activities. we had a regatta and we are still setting upstage for that big nfl draft coming, and wow, we have two weeks before that thing ever gets here. ninety-five looking good in northeast philadelphia, no problems out of the bucks county in to downtown. karen and thomas back over to you. >> looking good, bob, thank you. another deadly weekend in philadelphia, and this morning police are investigating another homicide. this time in the southwest section of the city. lets get out to steve keeley
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on south pelt on and wood land with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: violent easter weekend continues into monday. thing about these two shooting s at 1:30 and 2:00 a.m. both on streets where police districts are. this one just three blocks away and one you'll do after me on whittaker just three blocks away from where i was friday, with that carnival video. so, there is the strange thing that didn't take long for police to get here. it was a police officer who heard the gun fire here and again they are dealing with the same bar that they have been at before. in fact just three days after christmas there was a shooting inside this bar, lounge 62 it is called at 62nd and wood land and we were also here back in may 2013 for i bar fight that spilled outside and had another shooting and police believe, that the victim in this case, still, whose body is still on the sidewalk here on the block of 62nd and wood land had just left this bar, walked around
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the corner on felt on, and that is where they have the bullet shell casing this happened less than two hours ago. >> approximately 2:07 a.m. 12th district officer, about a block away, heard a single gunshot arrive on location to the 62 and wood land. we encountered a large crowd, crowd pointed out to a hispanic male that was shot on the highway. medics were called and this male was pronounced on location. >> reporter: just one shot fired, likely at point blank range and it was a deadly shot , no chance even though the officer got here instantly , no chance to do even do a scoop and run where police put a victim who has just been shot, inside the back of the patrol car and rush him to the hospital, because police could not get a pulse, as soon as they went up to this victim. sadly we have another murder and again you will talk about more violence in a half an hour before this. guys? >> true. thanks, very much. we have more details, we always do appreciate it. more breaking news from
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juniata park, police are investigating another shooting that has left three people harmed and in the hospital. we are hearing victims were rushed to temple with 1:30 and bullets started flying, the scene is 4400 block of whittaker avenue, all three patients are in stable condition. also developing right now police in ohio are urging people in surrounding states as well to be on the alert for a man they say shot and killed an elderly passerby and then posted the whole thing, on facebook. >> thirty-seven year-old steve stevens right here wanted on a charge of aggravated murder in the death of robert godwin senior. police are warning residents of parks new york, indiana and michigan to be on the look out for stevens who they say should be considered armed and dangerous. now the police chief is asking for stevens to turn himself in , saying two families are hurting and they do not need anymore. >> i hade this. i don't know what i will do. it is not real.
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>> in the separate video posted on facebook stevens claimed to have killed more than a dozen other people, police say they have not been able to verify any other shootings or deaths. >> the fbi is assisting this morning in the investigation. pretty bad fire in bucks county, four homes were destroyed and investigators are trying to figure out how it started. investigators say that the four homes are on park avenue, are a total loss. crews worked very hard to try to contain these fires so they did not spread, but clearly they did spread to some of those. they say that the high wind just made this bad situation, even worse. >> flames and smoke for as high as i could sianni the tree was on fire and wind was blowing things over on these houses. >> the wind was so strong, within 15 minutes, all three houses on that side were even gulfed in flames. >> thankfully no one was injured in that fire. another fire to tell but, where someone did have to go
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to the hospital. one person transported after a fire in lower moreland, this was yesterday evening about 6:00 o'clock, and crew where is quickly able to knock this we will done. one of our fresco users alvin clay, who shot some of the video of aftermath. we don't necessity how that fire started. a rowan university police officer is recovering this morning after being hit, by a car while on duty. college officials say russell cumberland was making a stop near school's campus when he was struck and injured around 10:00 o'clock saturday night. he is, being treated at a hospital for a broken facial bone, and other bruises. authorities say that the driver that hit him, did stop and remain at the scene until police arrived. a dirt bike ride's accused of hitting a young girl and her grand mother in upper darby is now facing charges. we do know hot suspect is, he is 32, that is where it all happen. suspect is cleve douglass who was arraigned yesterday morning. he struck a six year-old girl and grandmother saturday right
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at 69th street and then he carjack a driver at gunpoint. he had been running from police who were chasing him, he faces a whole number of charges including aggravated assault. both victims are still in the hospital. investigation, continues this morning into a dirt bike accident, in wilmington. according to police a 22-year old was hit on his bike yesterday afternoon on homestead road, the man, was treated on the scene forehead injury and transported to the trauma center at christiana hospital, for additional treatment. police also investigating a fatal crash in bucks county they say two cars collided on route 13 in haines road yesterday afternoon. now the car that ended up on the grass, torn apart, police are not saying if american one person died if anyone else is injured or what exactly happened here. road did close as crew did his clean up but they are back opened this morning. another push from police asking for help begging for help in the case of the missing uber driver, she had been missing for almost a week
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her name is kristin live and she disappeared back on april 11th. police say last time they necessity where she was she had dropped off a fare in northeast philadelphia around 5:00 in the morning. police say that passenger had nothing to do with her disappearance. police are also looking for her vehicle there is her picture. it is a 2003 dark green four door subaru legacy. police say 459 year-old has not answered her phone or made any contact with her family. other news police after rested a man they say spray painted graffiti on the cars of the two septa transit officers. there is suspect dor yan mur any police custody now. police chief thomas nestel said it happened over weekend at headquarters at broad and glenwood. chief tweeted that the man was upset that they kept cleaning off his tags, spray painting off his name. in word on any charges. and, right now, vice-president mike pence is in south korea, part of the trip including a tour of the demilitarized zone which runs along the north and south
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korean border. his visit comes amid turmoil over north korea's threats to advance its nuclear and defense capabilities. on saturday the north dealt with a failed missle launch on the birthday celebration of its founder, the vice-president spoke about the risks faced by american and south korean service members. >> this morning's provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks, each one of you face, every day in the defense of freedom of the people of south korea and defense of the america in this part of the world. >> pence said tensions on the korean peninsula put in focus the joint u.s./are/south korean mission. president trump back in washington this morning after spending past few days in florida. we are told that while in florida he kept a close eye on north korea. president trump will make remarks before participating in today's annual white house
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easter egg roll role. sean spacer says 21,000 people will attend that, this year. smaller then last year when former president barack owe bank a hosted 35,000 people. easter egg roll role tradition dates back to 1878 when president ruther ford heyes opened up the white house gates. today is final day for vote tours register for next month's primary races, thinks a close primary so you need to be registered with a party in order to vote tonight. democrats for recommendations, republicans, republicans. you can do this by mail or line or in person at voter registration office among the big races, of course, philadelphia district attorney 's race, school boards , judgeships, supreme superior and, commonwealth courts. primary will be may 16th. all right. still ahead on "good day philadelphia". >> a star studded grammy tribute how hollywood's biggest stars united last night to honor the bee gees.
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listening to some spring music. we are looking at this couple. more trouble for united airlines? wedding and honeymoon. well, what happened? we will explain. hey, good morning, bob.
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4:15. good morning. i hope you had a great holiday weekend. we are gearing up for another week, sue serio, good morning to you what is weather looking like. >> it is not as perfect as it was yesterday. we got to 87 degrees, in philadelphia yesterday, we were calling for 82 or 84 at one point. so yeah, we exceeded expectations there but we see showers associated with a cold front we will have come through this morning and probably another round this afternoon. we will check future cast in a moment but you can see one area in lancaster count which showers right now but i wouldn't be a bad idea to have an umbrella with you because we will see widely scattered showers, throughout late morning, and early afternoon. i think is when most of it will come through. and then maybe some thunderstorms popping up heading down toward the shore and southern delaware, by 3:00 l have a shower or two lickering cloud, things clearing up overnight and it will be
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cooler, in more 87 for a while we have 66 degrees in philadelphia. it is 57 in mount pocono. 69 degrees in dover. sixty-eight in wildwood. a lot of kid still have another day off, today before they go back to school, wind speed, not really an issue coming in out of the south and west still. cold front has in the come through yesterday. your average high is 65 degrees. let's check out how gee over weekend good friday was 69. cooling off to a cloudy 66 and on saturday and warm front came through and zoom we went up to 87 degrees, on sunday. seven day forecast, we have got numbers and the pictures we are working on the word. 75 degrees today. sixty-eight tomorrow. sixty-one cooling down on wednesday, and chance of thunderstorms on thursday, and then phillies come back to town on friday, saturday, and sunday. we will have seasonal temperatures in the 60's all three day. bob kelly, it is egg salad day to day. >> oh, yeah.
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>> that is good, afterward. >> that is what you do with left over eggs. >> got to love it. 4:17. getting held i for a bridge opening, burlington bristol bridge here getting ready to go up any minute now. getting ready to grab you have coffee, keys head on out and go for jumbo coffee or we can head for tacony palmyra. it is quiet. double five's on i-95, schuylkill expressway from south jersey, not a problem. we have police activity where steve has been located atwood land avenue between 61st and 63rd. that has septa's route 11 trolley in suspension mode until the police investigation gets completed. so use route 13 as the option as you are rolling in and out of the neighborhood. already out of the gate septa 's airport regional rail line running with 30 minute delays due to signal issues. keep that in mind if you are using the train to get to the planes. same deal as we get ready around the parkway for that draft coming in a couple weeks , lane restrictions will continue on the kelly drive,
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parkway, spring garden, one note, the parkway, the inner drive, will close to vehicle traffic on wednesday. so you have two more days and then the next set of closures start to go in effect on wednesday and then on friday another whole set of closures will go into effect as we goat closer to the draft, and no problems here on 476, coming back to the poconos, if you are up there for the weekend you are good to go. in problems up and over been any to downtown. karen and thomas back over to you. bob, thank you. take you out west quite a scene, dozens of cars, nothing more than charred rub until freemont, california. take a look here, people in the bay area could see this massive fire for miles around. it broke out at a used car lot and quickly spread. one security guard on duty, but didn't notice it until it was too late here. luckily no one was hurt. also some more controversy if you can believe it for united airlines this time outrageous erupting after a bride and a groom were allegedly booted off their flight heading to their own
4:20 am
wedding there was a lay over. it was in a houston airport saturday. is there the couple. they were going to costa rica. they were reportedly thrown off the flight for sitting in flights not assigned to them but they say someone else was napping in their seats, but before the whole confusion could be resolved, they were taken off the plane so the bride's stepfather says they are obviously very angry about this inconvenience. >> all of a sudden it seems like united kind of put the ka bosh on that and instead of having two weeks of wonderful friend there and getting married and then honeymoon, all of a sudden it starts out extremely difficult for them. >> united claims the couple was trying to sit in upgrade seats that they didn't buy, airline says it has rebook them on a different flight. this morning people are remembering the mass shooting at virginia tech, yesterday marked 10 years since 32 people were killed, after a
4:21 am
meant mentally ill student opened fire. survivors and families returned to campus to honor lives lost. certainly an emotional ceremony in blacksberg, both current and former students came out to reflect and remember. senator tim kaine was among the people who spoke. he was the virginia governor on that horrific day calling it the worst day of his life. >> even 10 years later i cannot fully describe what the commonwealth, the virginia tech community especially the 32 families and survivors went through on that day and in the following weeks and years. >> really important for us to be here and to be with the community and bring our family and just be back to the place that feels like home. >> the virginia tech shooting is deadliest on any campus in u.s. history. 1600 pennsylvania avenue about to get some new residents, white house says first lady melania trump and 11 year-old baron will be moving in this summer. the president and their son will become, he is first boy,
4:22 am
to live there since john f. kennedy junior back in 1963, since mr. trump's inauguration in january, first laid and their son lived in new york city so baron could finish out his school year. how about this, so many different coffee trend out there, lattes, espressos, drip , how about clear. >> yeah, when they ask how do you like it, sugar. i like my coffee black. it is clear, really clear, we will show you straight ahead but first sean bell. coming up in sports in a minute you cannot win if you cannot close, see how phillies blew it this time next in sports.
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phillies still can't close , they switched up their closer and they are going to have to switch, again. phillies up four-three in the bottom of the ninth, two on and why would you pitch this to this guy, bryce harper smashes a three run home run, bomb, and benoit blows the save and blows the game. that is walk off shot. phillies fall six-four. to the nba playoffs warriors/trailblazers cj mc column and damon willard, but not begins warriors. their bench guy doing this in. iain clark with the three, part of the 15 to 24th quarter run. warriors win game 1121-109.
4:26 am
nhl playoffs, penguins, blew jackets this one, it went to overtime, sidney crosby wouldn't let them go. look at that, he has his third gel of the night. he had a hat trick. penguins win five-four in overtime. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. coming up at 4:30. if you are a thrill seek he you are in luck. >> twists, turns, upside down, a new roller coaster is on the way, we will tell you where it will pop up in our area.
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facebook killer the latest object the investigation into an absolutely horrific crime. also a man shot in the face in and chest we will take you to the scene in a live report. patriots day, it is, the monday, of the marathon, bells ringing, runners lining up for one of the most famous race necessary our country. >> bells will be ringing, on this monday, great to have you with us, everyone very good morning after this holiday weekend, a beautiful weekend,
4:30 am
we will get an update on the forecast. bob kelly good morning. >> it is national cheese ball day. >> egg salad. >> we're eat gooding all right >> we have cheese balls right here. >> that is right. >> good morning. >> nobody will accuse me of not being cheesy. anyway, we have had a pretty decent weekend and i think temperature wise it will be just as nice today, not as warm as yesterday, but the thing is, we have got some rain on the way as well, we have grabbed that umbrella or rain coat before i leave today , because we have some showers, and in the forecast, 66 degrees in philadelphia, lancaster has 62, down in atlantic city it is 67. fifty-seven in the mountains. we see rain on the way with the cold front and stretches out across the lower half of the pennsylvania and moving toward us so we don't have too much to show you in the area at the moment but is there still some showers on the way, occasionally and 75 degrees is our high temperature today
4:31 am
with mostly cloudy skies, wind picking up, gusting up to 25 miles an hour, so not bad but not as warm as yesterday because yesterday, bob kelly, we got up to 87 degrees. >> bam. >> it was beautiful yesterday, good morning, everybody. 4:31. keith, our floor director is standing right here changing a light bulb so if there is a sudden blip that is him falling off the ladder there good morning we have an opening, burlington bristol bridge set for an opening. traffic stopped right now on both side of the river so if you get ready to head out grab the jumbo coffee wait it out. it will be a quick would be and then we will see opening at that coney palmyra shortly n problems on i-95, schuylkill , police activity along wood land avenue. wood landis closed 61st to 63rd, steve will give us details in a second. septa suspended route 11 trolley, they said shuttle bus necessary play to kind of go around the closure point or alternate would be the route 13 trolley, septa's airport
4:32 am
regional rail line out of the gay, signal issues first thing this morning running with 30 minute delays as we start off our monday, lane restrictions, continue, coming into the city around the parkway, and then on wednesday, another new set of closures will go into effect as we get ready for nfl draft coming into the month. if you are heading to the airport no problems at all live look at i-95. we are looking gup and over bridges except for burlington bristol, karen and thomas, back to you. we have this breaking news just coming in out of southwest, police are investigating yet another homicide, this one was about 2:00 this morning when we got word of it. lets get out to steve keeley hoist at south felt on and wood land with the very latest on this, steve. >> reporter: holidays seem to bring out the war in people and this easter in philadelphia has been extremely violent, since the clock hit midnight on saturday the violence hasn't stopped, through 2:07 a.m. today, three shot and killed, and three
4:33 am
shotty want to say at 1:30 and a man here, killed, and three shot and killed over weekend. close to 20 people shot overall. whittaker avenue had three people shot and then same officers, that were investigating that had to rush all the way to the other side of the city to the southwest philadelphia to a familiar spot, lounge 62, whatever the name of this place is, it seems to draw, some trouble, because we have been here four times for violence and shootings, this late, a man shot once, probably right as he left the place, police figure, he got around the corner on felt on, and then somebody was either waiting for him or somebody followed him there, and then fired him once in the torso and it was a deadly shot. >> we have had numerous shootings over the weekend, summertime is coming, warm weather today, you know, you
4:34 am
get shooting that is peak and valley, due to the warm weather but we have enough police out here to respond to any of these assignments. >> reporter: if we can come out of the video i want to show you the 12th police district right here on the same street wood land avenue just three blocks away on 65th from the corner just before 62nd and wood land where we are and always an indication of trouble, before here in the same spot a philadelphia police real time crime camera, you can see right up on the telephone pole at 62nd and wood land and another indication is when we have reported here from this same corner, where violence has occurred at lounge 62, now it used to be call lid. that is when we were here when four philadelphia police officers got attacked in 2012 as they tried to make an arrest and big brawl broke out and they were hit with beer about on the also from people inside the bar. then it became lounge 62 in 2013 and we had a big brawl outside here on the big street at closing time again, two
4:35 am
shootings left four people shot. and then just three days past this last christmas just a few months ago a shooting inside the bar, all over a game of pool and philadelphia police, back here again with this. they have no idea what precipitated this young man die. hispanic man shot once. they didn't a chance. police were here. an officer heard the gun shot just a block away and they will throw somebody in the back of the police car to get them to the hospital but that was a deadly point blank shot. karen and thomas. >> all right, steve. such a tragedy there you mentioned this other shooting. let's talk bit. one from juniata park, break ing news, continues, police are investigating a shooting that had three people in the hospital right now. police say victims were all rushed to the hospital. we know the scene, it is a different lex. they think it was 1:30 this morning when gunfire broke out on the 4400 block, of whittaker avenue. we know that those patients are in stable condition.
4:36 am
this morning a 24 year-old woman was killed early yesterday morning in kensington this happened on f street, police say a woman was shot there and then later died at the hospital. police found a gun at the scene but no sign of the shooter. the other deadly shooting happened saturday afternoon, and in kingsessing, police say a 23 year-old man was shot, twice and then killed on warrington avenue. developing right now, police in ohio, are urging people in other states to be on the alert for a man that they say shot and killed, an elderly passerby and posted the whole thing up there on facebook. >> we want to get this guy. thirty-seven year-old steve stevens, right here, wanted on a charge of aggravated murder in the death of robert godwin, senior. police are warning residents of parks new york, indiana and michigan to be on the look out for stevens, who they say should be armed and dangerous. the police chief is asking for stevens to turn himself in saying that two families are hurting and they don't need
4:37 am
more. >> i don't know what i would do. it is not real. >> it is like my hearties going to stop. >> in a separate video posted on facebook stevens claimed to have killed more than a dozen other people, police say they have not verified any other shootings or deaths. the fbi is assisting this morning in the investigation. also, thousands of runners hitting the streets today. >> boston marathon, it is, the saturday, marked four years since the bombings at the boston marathon. three people were killed and 260 others were injured when a pair of brother set off twin bombs near finish line. tam lynn czar enough was killed in the days following the bombing while his younger brother so car was killed, for his role in the attack. one traffic stop, two officers fired, and now a call for justice. a georgia man said that he is fearful and traumatized. lawyers for 21 year-old dimitri hollands are demanding
4:38 am
criminal charges against the officers in these viral phone videos. see them stumping there. atlanta police department fired officer robert mcdonald and sergeant michael one bon jovi. hollands say it change his life forever. >> it is difficult to sleep, or eat. i look in the mirror and see my bruises, feel my headache, but through it all i'm happy i'm still alive. >> what they did to this young man was atrocious and unacceptable. >> attorney justin miller says one of the officers ran into hollands last summer during a traffic stop, miller believes that may have been behind the latest encounter. >> funeral arrangements have been set for former steelers chairman dan rooney. today a public viewing will be held at arena out there from two to 7:00. his funeral mass will be held tomorrow at st. paul cathedral and that open section of the pittsburgh. he died, last thursday at the age of 84.
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honored by the international airport. there. >> it has been almost to two years now since nine people were killed during a bible study class at mother's manual ame church. two stained glass paynes are the focal point of the exhibit is there a bible on display owned by senator and reverend clemente pinckney the pastor one of the nine killed in the shooting. the shooter dylann roof in january was sentenced to death for 2015 massacre. time right now 4:42. still ahead on "good day philadelphia". >> tax day tomorrow but before you file if you have in the done so, because you probably may own money, is there easy mistakes you could be doing if you are rushing, we will try to help you avoid them and save them money. >> i have in the filed yet. >> no. >> no. un-stop right there!
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♪ 4:45. up and out, 9:26 for gang through west chester chad ford still closed that bridge that crosses creek road. just watch for local detours there kind of quiet for the most part. today will be one of those i think, 50/50 days, some of the kid still have a day off, ahh, i can't wait until they all go back to school tomorrow, route 47, the delsea drive, and then an accident right at grub road which is just off of route 40, watch for it, police are there and steve has been reporting wood land avenue between 61st and 63rd street closed.
4:46 am
i just got an update from september, they suspened route 11 trolley. now they will use shuttle buses just between these two points, maybe play it safe and use route 13 trolley from the get go until that investigation, gets wrapped up and complete there in southwest philadelphia steve's on it. we will have more info from him coming up at top of the hour. airport regional rail lines, out of the gate with some signal issues this morning, if you are watching us down the shore or you were down the shore that townsend inlet bridge still closed for repairs, route nine and parkway are two best alternates there. coming in the city or leaving the city, you still to have navigate lane restrictions around art museum. just a head up, on wednesday, the inner drive of the parkway will go into complete shut down mode, and septa detours are still there, what is forecast looking like for our egg salad easter monday? sueby has got tonight 152nd.
4:47 am
you know, i will just walk over here are here... well, we were never really wanting to say good bye to you bob kelly. >> it only gets better. it is monday. >> yes, what do you expect, folks.& here's what we can expect weather-wise, a little bit of rain on the way, it is a cold front, one we told but remember we said it would be in 80 on easter and then a cold front. it looks like this morning is the time, all we're seeing right now is shower activity in lancaster county but as we look at future cast is there more on the way, spotty showers throughout the morning , and it is probably late morning into early afternoon then we will see heaviest of whatever we will get. you could get a few downpours maybe at 11:00 o'clock, noon,
4:48 am
and then front falls further southward by one or two in the afternoon and precipitation should be out by 3:00 later on today and then skies clear overnight and tomorrow morning , we will be much chillier then today. here your temperatures today, 66 degrees in philadelphia, 57 in mount pocono. down in trenton, or over in trenton if you wish, 66 degrees, millville university is at 67. very mild morning. not too much wind but they are expected to pick up as well later today. recapping your temperatures for holiday weekend, good friday with 69 degrees. we had 66 on saturday. yesterday, wow, we zoomed up to 87 degrees, and then today, 75 should be our high, with the possibility of a shower, we may see a few peaks of sunshine as well. tomorrow looks great, high of 68 degrees, more seasonal and 61 degrees and chance of showers late in the day on wednesday, into thursday, and that is another cold front, so it will be seasonal, again today as we head into the
4:49 am
weekend and maybe a chance of showers on sunday. no more 80's for a while but still the temperatures today, not bad at all, thomas and karen. >> we won't complain, sue, promise. >> thank you. all right. in your health news we need to show you something, this is happening at offices, do you see these people here. they have stuff under their december thank has been there since 1972. a lot of us are eating at our desk. >> yes, of course, that is raising some issues in the work place. gallup find 67 percent of american workers eat after their desk more than once a week. etiquette experts, here's dad and mom coming out pointing the finger, stay way from smelling food and keep the slurping to a minimum, karen. eating at your desk can attract critters so clean up after yourself. according to a recent clinical trial from our area from the university of pennsylvania, we're showing you yoga because it can help make a difference. they say for prostate cancer patients who practice. during the time they are going through their radiation
4:50 am
therapy. they say that overall their well-being including how they felt, they were less fatigued was better. this is compared to patients who didn't work out doing work out, and this is not new. medical centers all across the country have been doing it but this study came out showing these alternative treatment plans can help them do work. 4:50 is the time. how does this sound a cup of coffee doesn't stain your teeth. would i love this it is good. >> so a company in the uk, thinks quite interesting has developed, clear coffee, it is called, clr clear, a name of the transparent caffeinated beverage here. it looks like a about on the of water. makers say it tastes like a strong cold brew. company is keeping tight-lipped about how the beverage is processed but we do know it is made from a coffee bean. right now, clear coffee is availableable in the uk and cost $7.50 for two bottles. you can even drink it warm. >> seven dollars. >> yes. time is 4:50.
4:51 am
in your money guess what deadline to file your taxes is tomorrow, and when you rush, there are some easy mistakes thaw can make just trying to finish on time. >> so we will give you some advice on that one because that can have huge consequences and that delays your refund, so errors are very common. here's some simple things, people forget to sign their name. number one most common mistake they check their wrong box for filing status and routinely do you miss those boxes and that can a big problem especially when filing electronically. so if you do that electron ically you will get things, you know, more correct , more often and you get your refund also faster because they can put tonight through direct deposit as well double-check your account and routeing numbers, to make sure their money initial right place. 4:51. thrill seekers get ready construction is set to start on 350-foot they call it polar coaster on the boardwalk. >> so the coasters designed by u.s. thrill ride transform a traditional roller coaster design into a virtual
4:52 am
amusement ride, project, it is projected to cost 138 million-dollar and it will occupy space where sand casino once stood. coaster will host a bar, restaurant, food shop, retail shops, video games and coaster itself is quite a thrill ride. >> 4:52. safe, freeway to get rid of the unwanted documents on this earth day. >> wiggins scrap is holding annual events at parx casino this friday april 21st and we will than their life. our bob kelly will be there beginning at 7:00 o'clock in the morning from 7:00 to 10:00 . come down to that area, shred your documents. thinks all free. just help out to get writ of the important documents at par x casino from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. 4:52. it is a boy. there he is, we finally got to meet him. welcomed to the world. almost 1.7 million watched as this little baby came in the world. now there is a new mission, how you can pick out a name,
4:53 am
how about that. >> it will cost you though. >> i know. >> everything comes with a cost. >> spot? >> that is a good one. from the 5 a.m. light blinkers to the wobbling yogis.
4:54 am
to the stationary race winners, we all need lean protein. and it comes in a jimmy dean's delights breakfast sandwich. stacked with 17 grams of protein. lean into a great day. shine on. this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. just head & shoulders? (gasp) i thought it was just for, like, dandruff new head & shoulders. cleans, protects and moisturizes to... ...get up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair it's not head & shoulders, it's the new head & shoulders
4:55 am
loving mommy, maybe you saw your mom over the easter holiday. >> i need a week's therapy session after that. >> good to have you with us on
4:56 am
this monday morning, 4:55. we're talking about april the giraffe who had her baby a little boy. >> millions waited for baby's birth paying $4.99 a month, so now the handlers are hoping you will help name her, or him animal adventure park set up a web site and vote as many times as you'd like but you have to pay a dollar for each vote. money will be split among three, including funding the park, giraffe conservation in the wild and charity connected to the park which raise's wear necessary about epilepsy. april gave birth to her birth calf on saturday after months of speculation, millions of views on the live stream and millions of people, waiting and anticipating the birth. >> all right. it is 4:56. lots of news on this day, coming up steve keeley following breaking news out of southwest philadelphia. steve? well, once again, wood land avenue is shut down to traffic going on three hours now because of the latest violence that saw this easter
4:57 am
weekend, since midnight about 20 people shot and third shot and killed here. i will never wash my hair again. new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it.
4:58 am
making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance. because strong is beautiful. ito become dangerous.d for an everyday item new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
4:59 am
breaking overnight a man shot in the chest and head a live report on the a hunt for his killer. tomorrow is tax day, the important scams to be on the look out for and tips to save
5:00 am
you money. the best diner in america, it is in our area we will tell you where and why, abe what to order, "good day philadelphia" , at 5:00 a.m., starts right now. good day, everybody. thanks for joining us it is monday. >> so good to have you with us >> we're having a debate how oldies too old for an easter basket. >> we were talking about this a second ago bay my niece turns 18 and got younger one an easter basket hoist six and now about to be 18 is asking where the easter basket. i gave her gift card instead. >> give card brings them home, that is what i told the older one. it is just a gift card. >> your daughter said same thing. >> i made her an easter basket she didn't expect it. >> my husband made fun of me. i said, that is my baby she still gets a basket. >> never too old. >> she loved it. >> she sure did.


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